Electric Vehicle Chargers

Ireland’s green future relies on advanced renewable technologies that will make a meaningful difference to our national carbon footprint. As energy efficiency specialists, DEMAC is proud to design, supply and install high quality electric vehicle (EV) charging systems that help keep Ireland on the move.

DEMAC’s experienced team can help you find the right charging system to meet your needs, and install at a variety of locations from the home to shopping centres, hotels, supermarkets and service stations.

As more and more people choose to drive EVs, businesses that instal EV charging systems at their workplace will visibly demonstrate their support for their employees. Thanks to a range of grants and reduced taxes and tolls, EVs are becoming increasingly popular, creating more demand for EV charging systems, particularly at the workplace.

Grants are also available from the SEAI to help with the costs of installing an EV charging system at your home. This can make the cost of your EV charger more affordable and help you to reap the benefits of reduced carbon emissions and energy savings.

DEMAC offers customers Humm Finance by Flexifi to help cover the cost of your EV charging system. With Humm Finance you can choose to finance either the full or partial cost of your EV charging system and installation.


Get in touch with our team to discuss the full range of finance options available to you.

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